Thursday, 28 March 2013

What I'd Wear to Ladies Day

Ladies Day- The chance for a woman to go all out and dress up. Unfortunately most of the pictures you see from Ladies Day at the Grand National aren't the best representation of British fashion. The press love showing pictures of the "worst dressed" women and it seems the formal dress code seems to get lost on some. Ladbrokes got in contact wanting to know what outfit I would pick if I were to go. I would love the chance to dress up and look as classy and on trend as possible!

The dress I would wear is this Lace Bodice Pleat Dress from Warehouse. I love wearing pastels and nudes during Spring, I love the colour of this dress and think it would suit my figure and pale skin. I think the detail makes it look a lot more expensive than it is too. A head piece is essential for Ladies Day, I wouldn't pull off a full on hat but I like the detail on this Lace Fascinator from Debenhams. I think it is small enough to not distract from the dress but still has a lot of detail. My shoe choice is a sparkle lovers dream! The Gold Slingbacks probably aren't easy to walk in but they sure are pretty. The Stone Clutch from New Look is big enough to carry all my beauty products and keeps in with my nude colour scehme that I seem to have going on. I'd only wear one piece of jewellery, which would be my Return To Tiffany bracelet that I got for my birthday last year. It is simple but I love the blue side of the heart.

What do you think of the outfit?


  1. ooh really nice outfit, all go together really well x

  2. love the dress! so classy :) x

  3. What a pretty outfit. I am sure you would look gorg in this. I especially love the fascinator!!

  4. Those shoes are stunning! I'd be scared of sinking though haha. The dress is lovely too :)

    Jesss xo

    1. I wouldn't be able to move in them haha!xx

  5. Gorgeous dress, I’ve a wedding in two months..Might just steal this look! x

  6. Tis is such a pretty outfit, I love the detailing at the top if the dress.

    Kimberley x

  7. Love your outfit choice, and as a Liverpool girl myself, I witness the 'worst dressed' side of the Grand National every year, luckily though I'm certain this outfit would never be there! I absolutely loveee the shoes!


  8. I think it's a lovely outfit for Ladies Day though given the weather a pair of wellies will probably be more appropriate ;) I picked the same dress up a few weeks ago for a wedding and it really is beautiful, great choice x

  9. Absolutely love the dress! xxx


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