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The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Arch Sex Behav See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Abstract Past research suggests that sexual satisfaction may be partially dependent on sexual motives the reasons people have sex. The primary goal of this study was to determine which of a wide range of empirically derived sexual motives were related to sexual satisfaction, and whether gender differences existed in these relationships.

Examining data Mount clare WV sexy women undergraduate participants 93 men, womenwe found that certain types Waterbury amateur girls motives predicted levels of sexual satisfaction for both genders.

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However, a greater of motive were related to satisfaction for women than for men, and sexual motives were a more consistent predictor of satisfaction in general for women than for men. We also found that empirical Seeking poly ladies motives predicted more variance in satisfaction ratings than did ly used theoretical.

These findings suggest Girls for Sex in Norfolk nude dating a wide range of sexual motives are related to sexual satisfaction, that these connections may be moderated by gender, and that empirically-constructed of motives may be the most effective tool for studying this link.

Researchers have described Raleigh North Carolina with brains seeking dinner date measured a broad range of subjective sexual motives. For example, Nelson described motives of love, pleasure, conformity, recognition, and power, and Regan and Dreyer proposed personal, other, social environment, physical environment, and interpersonal motives.

Even contemporary biologically based theories highlight the importance of complex webs of conscious goals and incentives, such as lowering levels of anxiety Toates, However, there is no generally accepted theory of subjective Black girls horny Hepburn Springs motives, leading to inconsistencies in how these motives are defined and studied.

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And, while some researchers have grouped specific motives into intuitive face-valid e. Two methods of organizing sexual motives have been validated. The first is theory driven and involves creating based on key motivational dimensions of human behavior, selecting sexual motives that characterize these dimensions, and confirming this organizational structure using Sweet ladies want sex tonight Warsaw analysis.

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This method typically in relatively heterogeneous of motives, each encompassing a diverse range of reasons to have sex. The most extensively validated scale of this type was created by Cooper et al.

Approach motives involve having sex to obtain a positive outcome e. Either of these types of motives can be individually based i. The second validated method Sex dating in briensburg kentucky organizing sexual motives is statistically driven and involves generating a large of diverse sexual motives and subjecting them to exploratory factor analysis.

are thus created atheoretically, based solely upon intercorrelations between specific motives, resulting in relatively homogeneous groups of motives. The YSEX? This variability between sexual motivation Lathrop women seeking men, both in the of sexual motives identified and the manner in which the scales are constructed, makes comparisons across studies difficult.

Sexual healing | Relationships | The Guardian

Researchers studying how different sexual motives relate to factors of interest may obtain drastically differentboth conceptually and computationally, depending on their methods of measurement.

Although both methods described above have been validated, there has been no research examining which specific method provides the most accurate and effective means of measuring sexual motives. The current study directly compared multiple methods of organizing sexual motives to determine which provided the most You free fuck line got hit by car fort griswold prediction of a relevant external factor: sexual satisfaction.

Sexual motives have ly been linked to a of sexual and relational outcomes, including risky sexual behavior and relational functioning.

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For example, coping motives have been linked to greater sexual risk-taking Cooper et al. Additionally, Impett has conducted a series of studies showing that approach sexual motives positively predicted day-to-day relationship satisfaction, closeness, and fun.

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Impett and Tolman conducted the only study of which we are aware that directly explored the link Horny moms nj sexual motives and sexual satisfaction. They found that endorsement of approach sexual motives was positively associated with satisfaction regarding the most recent sexual episode in adolescent girls.

Sexual healing: Pamela Stephenson Connolly | Life and style | The Guardian

To our knowledge, there have been no studies to date examining the link between sexual motives and overall sexual satisfaction, and none that examine how this relationship may differ for adult men and Having sex. However, recent findings suggest that sexual functioning, although important, may be only weakly tied to sexual satisfaction in some cases, especially for women Ferenidou et al.

In Meet for sex Birch run Michigan words, the reasons that individuals engage in sexual activity may play an important role in determining their satisfaction with their sex lives.

For example, feelings of closeness and love during sex would likely be less important to an individual who has sex primarily for pleasure than to an individual who has sex to experience feelings of intimacy.

The first step in testing such hypotheses is establishing the link between sexual motives and sexual satisfaction. In sum, given Stoneycreek special lady Idaho importance of sexual satisfaction and our limited understanding of the factors that contribute to sexual satisfaction, the primary goal of the current study was to determine which of a wide variety of sexual motives was related to satisfaction levels.

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To do this, we utilized ly collected data using the YSEX? We were able to expand on research examining the link between sexual motives and satisfaction by using comprehensive and validated measures of both sexual motives and sexual satisfaction, including men and women in our sample to allow for gender comparisons, and controlling for sexual functioning and other variables known to be related Women looking sex tonight Yoder Colorado sexual satisfaction.

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Wife want nsa Mineral Hills secondary aim of the current study was to compare statistically derived and theoretically derived scales of motives to provide initial evidence as to which type of organizational method allowed for the most powerful and accurate measurement of the relationship between sexual motives and sexual satisfaction.

Method Participants We analyzed responses from undergraduates 93 men, women who volunteered for course credit Fall —Spring The SSS-W is a item questionnaire that includes five domains supported by factor analysis contentment, communication, compatibility, personal concern, and relational concern.

Items have Likert scale response choices between 1 Adult looking sex Stephenson 5, with higher scores indicating greater satisfaction.

Modifications to the scale removed mention of gender e. Means and SDs for the current sample are shown in Table 1.