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If you want to drive your man wild in the bedroom we've got the tips for you. You've heard of little things called erogenous zones Daddys girl monday, but do you know where they are on a man's body?

Some of them are obvious - if you're not touching those areas you're definitely doing it wrong - but some of them may surprise you. Here are the nine places you should be focusing your attention.

Mouth Naughty wives want real sex Sheffield can boost levels of reward receptors in the brainCredit: Getty - Contributor The mouth is a very important erogenous zone. Kissing boosts levels of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that boosts desire and the reward system in the brain. And of course, don't forget full on making out can be just as fun.

Ears 9 Ears are erogenous zones for men and womenCredit: Getty - Contributor If you've ever had someone play with your ears and liked it, then it makes sense your man would like it. In fact, in a survey ears came in just behind the scrotum for places that can help men climax. Try gently nibbling or licking his ear. Or try whispering something sexy to spice things up.

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Balls 9 The scrotum is a sensitive area and can make him feel very good when you touch itCredit: Getty - Contributor The skin of the scrotum is quite sensitive and can really turn a man on when touched. You should definitely keep the biting and nibbling at bay here. Instead try sucking, licking, cupping or gently squeezing them, sex coach Charlie Glickman suggests. Neck Kissing his neck Looking for fun sized a little also a surefire way to get him goingCredit: Getty - Contributor Who doesn't like their neck being kissed?

Think about the tingles it sends through your body - it does the same for.

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And the nape of his neck in the best place to focus, according to a study published in the journal Ergonomics. You should kiss him there with your mouth slightly open while humming. Or try using a vibrator to massage his hairline.

Nipples 9 Many men like their nipples being touchedCredit: Getty - Contributor By now you've probably worked out that what works for you can also work for.

In a recent survey for the journal Cortex, men admitted that nipples were one of their top spots for stimulation. Carol suggests gently sucking or licking a nipple while touching your man down there for extra pleasure.

The shaft 9 The erectile tissue in the shaft of his penis contains a lot of feel-good nervesCredit: Getty - Contributor You're probably already focusing on the penis to get him in the mood.

But how you touch it can make all the difference.

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According to a survey published in the BMJ men rate having the top of their shaft touched. And when it comes to how much pressure to give your grip - sexperts suggest it needs to be fairly firm. That's because the erectile tissue sits fairly deep beneath the skin, so a good amount of pressure Sun Peaks get fuck needed.

The tip 9 The tip of a man's penis also contains a lot of nervesCredit: Getty - Contributor The tip of the penis, called the glans, has a lot of nerves - more than the shaft, in fact.

It's the closest thing to a clitoris a man. So whether you are using your hands or engaging in oral sex, be sure to focus some attention.

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Bingara horny chat roof free His bum 9 Some men like the prostate gland inside their bum touchedCredit: Getty - Contributor Men have a G-spot too - it's the prostate gland located about a finger's length inside the bum. Not every man will want you to stimulate it though, so check with your partner before you stick anything.

But if they are up for it, it can be quite an experience for.

From surfing to drinking coffee - the best ways to climax on National Ladies seeking sex tonight Spiro Oklahoma 74959 Day you bed i did!

The perineum You know, that bit of skin between the balls and his bum? This area contains his ejaculatory muscles, so when you massage them it can make his climax even more intense.

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You can try touching it while you give him oral sex. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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