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But this characteristic is restricted to female glow worms, which also use brightness to indicate their qualities as mates.

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The video below shows a New Zealand cave full of luminescent glow worms. An early stage of two-winged insect, glow worms can grow to about the size of a matchstick.

Their steady light is a hunting tactic to attract insects and ensnare their prey's wings in gooey strings that hang from the cave ceiling. From there, the glow worm Ladies looking nsa Sontag Mississippi 39665 puncture the insect and suck out its insides.

In addition to being a nasty way to eat, research suggests female glow worms use their shine to entice males.

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Past Fayetteville WV housewives personals have shown that the brightness of a female glow worm corresponds to the of eggs it will produce. In many other species, males have gaudy ornaments, from brightly colored feathers to large antlers that help females decide who to mate with, as they indicate good health and, consequently, good genes to pass on to offspring.

Female ornamentation is rarer, probably because reproduction takes more time and energy from females and they are pickier about their mates.

Scientists have documented several exceptions, especially those where males do a disproportionate amount of child-rearing, such as two-spotted gobies Gobiusculus flavescens.

As the larvae mature into adults, however, the males lose their ability to shine. Adult female glow worms produce light via a chemical reaction that turns energy and oxygen into a yellowish-green glow that emanates from a special Looking for adult marrieds in bath buds fun part called the lantern, located on the lower abdomen. The researchers found that larger females had larger lanterns, and the brightest females produced about four times as many eggs as the dullest ones.

Back in the field, milfs tacoma washington looking for sex researchers tested whether males were more attracted to brighter females using tiny LED lights, half of which they rigged to glow extra bright and half of which they altered to be more dim. Placing the lights in traps, which they built out of a plastic 1. Kaitala and colleagues found ificantly more males in the bright light traps. Larger females are known to produce many more eggs than smaller ones, and since larger females also have Girls who want love relationship Tucson lanterns, it could be that the males are using glow as a proxy for size.

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To Kaitala, many mysteries of the glow worm remain. The researchers believe that the source where a female glow worm gets its energy could impact the of eggs it produces.

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This article originally published on October 20, It has been updated. Continue Reading.