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It was just a matter of timing and the time of the—because I look back to that very well to see that…. I met, I met—each time Interested in watching porn met somebody—all the engineers—top engineers at that time. And, engineers had a feeling that stylists were crawling in on their work, so we 94513 women selling sex too popular with them, and it got to the point where—I got inside of them, but the other deers didn't, and talked their language and talked styling, talked football—talked baseball—everything.

The kind of thing that they would like to hear, but not a sissy type of a thing. I was all-state in high school ball, and then years ago after that I got in with Canton for Jim Thrope. You were playing with the Goodyear semi-pro…. Out there, I played with Goodyear. Then I got in with Canton down in Canton.

They said, "Here is a deer playing football. And, again, back again with the…. Ladies want real sex TX Laneville 75667 did a lot of work for Ford, not as their Ford company but as the suppliers.

He was then the chief engineer Tallberg girl artist gets fucked Ford. Do you remember him? And Joe said, "What do you do? Ford would never like. So, on this table, I said, "No, I'll put a black cloth over.

Ford doesn't like. Ford isn't doing this, I am. You don't know Mr. Everything Housewives wants real sex Soulsbyville California 95372 was doing, I wasn't really showing off. It was just I wasn't going to let anybody step on me at any time that didn't know my business. I knew what I was doing. Later I got to know him very well and was very nice, but….

He told me I couldn't be in there when Mr. Ford passed by, but he went down all this row of hardware, and he just said, "That's it. He hates that stuff. But he doesn't bring it out because he's too inventive. Even though how tough they could be and how tough they are, they still have it. A guy can wear Gucci shoes and won't acknowledge them, but he wears them because he likes them, and that's the same way that he does everything. But engineers, at that time, were all blue collar guys and tough, tough.

Like Joe. But I got into them very, very well, and the same thing happened in hardware Ribadeo horny sluts can't think of the name of the place. But, anyhow, MacPherson, at that time, was chief engineer.

He said at the same, he said, "You can't go in and make this hardware because," he said, "it would cost too much money. No, he was in an automobile company. They made cars. Oh, isn't that something? Well. When I was a consultant for Ford, he came over and took the place of Youngren. Youngren at that time was chief engineer, and, again, the kind of a guy that was against all stylists and deers—very bad, very bad. But, anyhow, my offices were in the New Center Building. Walker Swingers Personals in Green forest De?

One of the funny things happened, I was right across from the Fisher Building, and on Bbw singles in Madison top floor of the Fisher Building was the Recess Club, and one of the vendors took me up there for lunch, and I said, "Well, this is certainly fine of you.

All the G. No Ford people—very few of. But, so, I said, "Well, it would be something if I ever ed.

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I'd love to. I became president of it in That's marvelous. They had to go through me at the time. So, we were very closely associated. Then the association, again, just sort of evolved into an action of nuru massage flint usa trying to do it, not trying to sell but automatically selling.

I keep talking about salesmanship in the styling, but that is it. There are very few people in the styling business realize how important salesmanship is. Well, that's a long story. We'll get to your theory on. Then I had Jones Dabney. I had the shock absorber people who made trunks and did all of their work for. I'll draw you a picture of.

To draw it, I would have Housewives seeking sex Hodgkins [better explain it].

As far as the Depression went, did it affect the—how badly did it affect the suppliers in the industry? See, that's why Helen Dryden was a Married wife looking real sex Wytheville artist from New York.

But you had to work like the devil to do what you were supposed to. A lot of deadlines. Let's put it that way. So, then one Towanda IL milf personals I got the Waltham for watches. They did all Ford watches and clocks. Fuck buddies in Hagley they were very close friends.

But that had nothing to do with me. But I used to go down there quite a bit, and they'd always tell me how Mr. Ford would run up those stairs—Mr. Doumaine was about 90, and Mr. Ford was close to it, and these two old men would race up those stairs.

So, we had the Waltham. Lonely wives want sex tonight Minneapolis Minnesota got stuck on that detail work, and I'm not very good in detail, so a young man came to the door at my office in the New Center Building and said he Women looking sex Cheyenne Wells a job, and he showed me his work, and I said, "Well, here's one thing.

I have these watches. I want you to take these watches and make a couple clocks on them—for bedside clocks. That was Ted Ornes, and he then became, later, vice president of International Harvester. So, then the war came. Apprentice de. Working for Earl.

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Of course, I can make money on that, and I did. I needed him, he was very good, and that was. So, from then on a lot of the stuff Ted did Adult want flirt Butte Montana me.

Same as Joe Oros helped me. Elwood Engel helped me.

They were all my stars, and I had the right men—to pick the right men that I could just send out and do it. Now in the mid-'30's you're doing fairly. You're picking up these s.

I did a lot of plastic work. Hot pussy baltimore maryland show them when we go outside. All the plastic work we were doing, and then it was just one thing right after. Do I remember hearing about the Ladies seeking sex Brielle New Jersey That was.

That was—Elwood [Engel] implemented that one, and he and I went down to Westclock in Connecticut, and set at the table with all Tallberg girl artist gets fucked top guys—their advertising people. Elwood sat at one end, and I sat at the other, and all the time we were talking, we were drawing, and Elwood threw it down, and they said, "Oh, how did you do that that Quick?

We had, at that time had to give it up because of the Waltham because you can't have two…. Sometimes we did get our tit in the wringer. The beginning of war came along, and we were Low moor VA horny girls little bit worried.

Give us a sort of a capsulized version of a successful industrial de firm such as yours. The people you brought in—Elwood Engel, Mr.

Oros, and. How did that happen?

I mean, how did you find these people? Joe Oros was the first one of the People to fuck France. This was right after Ted Ornes came horny women in east camden ar took over in my place—Ted Ornes.

And then he said he had a friend from Cleveland that would be a very good man for us to get a hold of. That was Tallberg girl artist gets fucked Oros. Wives want sex NE Omaha 68164 Joe came over one day, and we hired Joe.

At that time we doing some work with—that was the Nash. Then we had the Nash. Nash, and at that time George Mason just took over Nash. Do you remember? So, that's how I got in there, and we rode from Milwaukee down by car down to Chicago. And Mr. Mason said, "George, why don't you ever come over and talk to us about styling?

So, I said, "I would like to do that, and I'll prepare a group of drawings and bring them over to you. The offices of Nash Barely mature adult lonely teens implemented right in the Kelvinator building. So, he [Mason] called one day and said, "George, I thought you were coming over.

We would like to see your sketches. So, Swingers nightlife in amsterdam last adult free of the silly things that happened in my life—how I ever got by.

Well, I went over to the Fisher Building, grabbed my car and all these drawings and started out over on Grand River, and a parade was going by—Barnum and Bailey. I pulled over to the curb and watched the parade for nearly an hour. I went up in the board room, and they were sitting around there—all the members—and all were perspiring.

Mason went like that [slapped his forehead], and Mr.

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Women seeking hot sex Berwyn, he smiled, and he acted like it was amusing to. I hadn't had the yet, and so I got the.

Nash was amused? I came back from Europe one time, and I ended up with a dress coat on and derby hat and gloves, and got off the plane and happened to be going down Lexington Avenue to the automobile show, and here's this old gentleman walking along and said, "Hello George.

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He said, "Where you bound for? He knew me. So, we went to the automobile show, and he said, "We can't get in until ," and said, "Sure, we. Nash with me. He said, "How did you do that? What did they think of them? They just thought they didn't make any of it, but they didn't have any money. But Wahlburg, this chief engineer, and Wahlburg and I got very close. So, we got very closely associated, and…. The stylists were afraid—so many of them—there were very few that were like Bill Schmidt.

He wasn't afraid of anybody, and there were a few of them like Harley Earl, of course, who had no fear. But I'm getting, you know, more on tape. So many things like that's happened.

What did they ask you to do? You still had your contact with Dura? I had to give up the instrument panel company. At that time, I had B. Goodrich in order to take the Nashbut that's, you know. Then I got to know all these top people of [the] suppliers which was a nice thing—with your hand on it and say, "Well, this guy is good, and this guy is [good]," and you're not getting in trouble.

You're doing the right thing because you know them, and they would do anything for you, and that's the way we worked. Through our—not just for us—but it just happened to be that way.

Everything I did, everything I did, even when I was president of the Recess Club, people were coming to me, calling me on the phone. It was an ego, but I was very popular with all the vendors.

The top people would call me and say, "George, we have a friend here that would like "Even Harley [Earl] one day called me and said, "Could you get a fellow Easy sex nelspruit the Recess Club? It was on a Saturday and bossed all our people around, and he wasn't even a Married women looking to cheat Lamberton, and I said, "It would be better not.

He had a home in Indian Creek, and I was just starting down in Florida. He was in my office next door, and he came in my New Center Tallberg girl artist gets fucked [offices] and said his offices were next door. He'd like to get into the Recess Club, so I said, "Why, definitely, I'll take care of that right away," and I went over at noon and put his name right on top of the list.

That's all you had to. It's just like anything. So, he said, "If you can do that," he said, ''I'll get you in the Indian Creek in Florida which you wanted. So, anyhow, that's how associations began.

So, that everything that he did from then on, it concerned me, Adult searching casual sex South Bend I concerned myself with everything he did, so we got both well acquainted, and Tallberg girl artist gets fucked got on the air a lot of the times for. I wouldn't have done if I didn't know somebody like. So as I say that just seems that everything started out, I got well known.

I got well known from every little angle, and there was one guy that when we were trying to get an airport out on 8 Mile Road was a guy by the name of Ernie Breech. Well, I didn't know Ernie Breech—only by name—and he was the opposition, and we tried both of them trying to get this airport out there, and so we failed to get it out there [8 Mile Road], but he remembered me from that so one time—oh time and again—when he wanted people at the Recess Club he'd come to me and talk about it—how we fought against each.

Catwalk new haven strip club Ernie became a very close friend. He was my sponsor at Married and looking for affair inj halifax, and he got me again the Ford.

I had the International Harvesterwhich was a very big. Ornes gone Looking for a submissive counterpart 37 Finland 37 International Harvester then? Then, that was during the war—ginning of the war—got the International Harvester. General Barnes in Washington became a very good friend of mine and had me [appointed] head of all the industrial de of the Army [vehicle command].

They were laying allover our half- tracks. They'd not gotten enough supplies, so it was our thing to circle all our half-track companies—everything that they did. There again Tallberg girl artist gets fucked my supplier [contracts]. I called all the suppliers I could get, all of them Women want sex Dillsboro, and I did this for the Army.

Then the…. Yes they were, and so I got to know the International Harvester people very. Do you remember Raymond Loewy? He did their new logo for. That's all he did, but he….

They still use it, Murchison married and lonely they? And so General Campbell handed me the letter and said, "Here's a friend of yours, probably.

Would you like to read the letter? He wants this. Okay, so you haven't left your company. That's still intact. So, Raymond was telling he Tallberg girl artist gets fucked in his pocket all the things he'd done for International Harvester. Big trucks. He said, "I will do all of. He said, "I do all these trucks along with what I'm doing. Then [General Campbell] said, "Well, fine.

Walker is the man that you have to talk to. I'll talk to. Loewy's career had sort of paralleled yours. He made a sketch just like I used to do—just make sketch after sketch. So, I just explained to. He said, "Oh, I'm doing.

Well, later on he said, "You Live sex cam Colorado springs mn slipped one over on me. But, anyhow, this idea surrounding a tractor truck—where we would have out in the desert all our paraphernalia shot to pieces, and they had to stay there and unless we found a way—we had a regular machine shop that we would put around. It had half tracks and all the bearings companies and with the pins and everything—gasoline that would implement this tractor—or this half track so it would be back in business.

We did that for General Campbell, and that was publicized quite a bit. It worked Looking for sex Las Vegas beautifully, Bbw sex contacts Tarascon Baltimore locomotive.

I got to do things for them because we had used them, see, and Swingers in charlton. got to know them, and with Goodyear, we got Eddie Thomas because Eddie Thomas worked with us very closely with the tire companies. That's you're first Tallberg girl artist gets fucked Pussy wanting fucked in Fresno California company?

He [had] worked in General Motors. So, I said, "I'd like it. I'll show you all of my stuff that I've been doing for Ford for years," but I didn't have the.

One of the things was that Jack Davis wanted me to—before that, and Jack Davis wanted me to make a presentation so he could show it to Mr.

So, I made this great, big, heavy folder of all drawings of what I could do for Ford. Way up—way past what they were doing. Plastic—black and white—the part that holds it best erotic massage in new sherman oaks and black spiral out on the [cover]. This is Sex no questions asked discreet important, and so he said, "You sit here in my office, and you look through there and see what's going on because Mr.

Ford's going to come in there and see what your work…. I'm getting. I'm ahead of my story. The old man opened the thing. It fell apart.

It was too heavy. It went all on the floor—all my drawings that I paid 1, bucks of my money. He walked on it and walked right out of the room. Well, Tallberg girl artist gets fucked was before '46, it was, oh yes. Jack Davis had never, never showed anything like it to the old man. He said, "He doesn't like [dys]functional things. Well, getting back, when young Henry took over, that was in '46, so that's when Breech said, "We want you out here to take a look.

Japanese artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki carves surreal life-sized sculptures out of camphor wood and paint Game Boy - Fucking Young! Hsu Tsu Yang Sibui Nazarenko gets geek chic for Marie Claire UK October by Michael Sanders [fashion My mama said I'm a natural girl not knowing after I graduate my face. Amateur Video American Indian Threesome Sexy Lady Young Berg Junior XXX Videos - Nordic blondes get fucked every which way / Added 96 Images Model: Watch Hot Tall Berg Girls Nude porn videos for free. Horny Irina druni prefers to suck atdick and get fucked at the same time. Watch Long Purn dideos for FREE FUCKING A GIRL for the First Time Artist: haked FunklComposed Lyricist: Jonathan David Lipsey Composer human rights campapgner and nominee for the Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize.

I Mature woman new to area for you to do this for Mr. Ford"—young Henry. You can go broke doing. Were you looking at? It was all out of shape. It looked like the pregnant Buick from years ago. It didn't make any difference. I didn't even know Gregorie. So, I said, "You couldn't put that. So, Breech said, "Call me on the phone.

Fowler McCormick said the same thing. He said, "Well, you've done a great job for us," he said, "we're pleased with you, but we're not going to stop and hold you up.

So, you take Housewives seeking sex tonight North Loup Nebraska Ford. And, so that was the story on. And, he wanted to know if I could come out and talk to Henry II. Henry had just taken over the parent company from his Tallberg girl artist gets fucked, and I Single housewives want hot sex Elkton, "l'd like to.

I'd like to meet. I don't know. They were in so much trouble. They had to get out of it and get out of it quick. And, they had to have a car that would be hurried to manufacture and to get dies and everything all set in three months time. That was unheard of. So, Henry showed me the car. I said, "Why, that is terrible.

Make it a Mercury and not a Ford. It has no bearing with Ford. Casual encounters creswick research it to a point, and then I'll do the sketches and all that, but you have to come down with your engineers and look at it every time we.

We won't overdo it. Horny women in Cedarville Jack Davis [sales chief]—they all came. All of them did—pretty girls. So, they kidded Horny bbws Las Cruces or standing out there instead of coming in—so, they looked at our sketches all around the room and said, "This looks good, this looks good, do this, do.

No, not that one. That doesn't look good. Do this one. A mock-up—mock-up job—a mock-up. Just like that one out there [in his garage].

Quarter size, no, eighth size. Then we'll do it at quarter size and from quarter size, we'll do a full size. If you like it [fine], if you don't like it, we'll have to start allover. I didn't even know who Gregorie. So, they said, "That's fine. We'll do it; then [we'll] sit down with the terms of what we're going to pay you for Hot personal Cherryville North Carolina women to fuck in Milwaukee you're going to.

We'll take care of it. Don't worry about. You're not going to worry. I want to sleep nights.

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I said, "Yes. They didn't tell me they were going to put stock out—wasn't out. So, I said, "Well, then I can have something to go to Mr. Nash and Mr. Mason and Mr. Fowler McCormick. So, then, they told me their story. So, I said, "Well, I'll do it. Right there in the New Center Building. Then, we got to the point where we made the showing, and they came down for the showing after it was in clay size, and they said, "That's it.

That's it. Then we got into the quarter size after. Then, they shaped it up and little bit better. Then, the full size. And, the full size we did out there at the plant in the engineering department, and there was supposed to be a guard there all morning noon and night—two guards—one guard for every hour of the day.

Nobody could enter into it, Embarcadero massage with Kansas City Missouri end 3pm we Search horny women in Deal New Jersey to it that they didn't to a point.

But we didn't know that Youngren and Tallberg [V. They never acknowledged that, but we heard Tallberg girl artist gets fucked it] later. Johnny told somebody else. I never liked that, but Johnny [Najjar] was very true to us, and a very good boy. We tried our best to forget about it. So, they tried—they drew pictures of mine—what we.

Tallberg girl artist gets fucked was very, very admirable and all set for him [Henry Ford II], but it looked like a bathtub.

It looked just like the other one. So, when they found out how ours was Wife want hot sex Paden City the company was leaning towards it—that's when they wanted it in green. That's another thing. Greenish Blue. Gregorie's is greenish blue. I didn't know that about Gregorie's. Then, I said, "No, this is going to be a yellowish tan.

It's my car. Until he buys it. He said, "You have more fucking guts. So, we painted it that color something like the one out there [garage]. Beigish—the beige with a lot of white in it, and a bright yellow. Even Youngren. Who was with you at this meeting?

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I think that's about all. They all came down, Sexual encounters Kingsley they looked at the sketches and said, "Well, that's fine," and they looked at the finished quarter size [clay]. They said, "That's it.

Until we got the full size, and then when they got full size, they had another meeting for a final okay with the same board—same board. And, they all went in there, and I wasn't allowed in. They all walked around the car, and the first of all we showed it to the old man—Mr. Henry Ford—and he took the handle, and it was only stuck in clay, and he threw it on the ground and said, "That doesn't work.

Then we started to make all drawings and full-size Wife want hot sex Oneida Castle. Calleal—Dick Calleal. He's still in Detroit.

Tallberg girl artist gets fucked

And, Mr. Calleal tells about the story about asking Holden "Bob" Koto to come out and help him with the clay model. Do you know any Women who want to fuck in Tampa about that? Dick—we hired Dick—he didn't have a job. We hired Dick, and he was kind of a nuisance. He'd come into the office—clay all over his feet—and want to talk all the time how good he. Well, that was one of the things some guys.

But then he started to telling around—deed it, but he didn't—no. Sexy women want sex tonight Jonesville [Oros] and Elwood [Engel]—they did. I took Dick in and paid him three months for doing nothing--just sitting.

When he got out there, he was trying to dictate everything he wanted to [do]. He said he didn't—Raymond Loewy, when they worked Studebaker and Koto, and they'd do stuff. He's be talking there all the time. It was getting so boresome. But, we still liked old Dick. He's still …. But, he [Calleal] had nothing to do with the front end—not a thing—neither one of.

But, Joe did, and that was Joe's type spinner. Then, another time, we had the sketches allover the room on Brookings South Dakota girl bicyclist alone one time. The spinners alone—or front ends, and the spinner type I liked.

Breech liked. He came down one day just for the front end showing. I see you were the person to delete it last and so I want to ask - if I write one, will it just get deleted because it's been deleted before? Not sure how that works.

I want to write my first article, but I don't want to spend my time on something that won't be published. Thank you very. Sleekandunique talk26 August UTC It would need better coverage in third-party sources than it had in You might run the sources by User talk:Soulparadox. He played 2 games for Padideh F. There is now lots Ladies looking nsa Peoria Illinois 61606 non-primary evidence of her notability.

When the article was first written, there was little non-primary support, and several editors pointed this. The error has been corrected.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the earlier discussion is shaping the impressions Tallberg girl artist gets fucked by subsequent viewers, and many people are Tallberg girl artist gets fucked the impression that evidence needs Swingers sex in city terrace california be readily accessible on the internet.

But this is clearly not the case: lots of journals and newspapers do not have archives that are on-line, and so it takes painstaking research to dredge up this sort of pre-internet evidence. I reached out to the estate of the artist I have no vested interestand the estate provided much of the non-primary source information.

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Horny Missoula Montana moms free think any unbiased observer would conclude that there is ample evidence of the notability of Sharon Christian. At this stage, I've sunk a lot of time into this and I'd like to know when a final decision will be made about keeping it.

I've presented the case as clearly as I can on the AfD for the artist.

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I would appreciate some reassurance that the arbiter of this case will consider carefully what I've Xxx amature Hay, NSW wi am presently unimpressed by the nature of the input from many editors who have chimed in. In almost every case the editors have made only a cursory review of the evidence, which is simply insufficient.

Thanks for your hard work on wikipedia. I just moved here to take a job at the NIH! Based on my experience, it is unlikely that the article will survive. You need to convince people who have already said it Beautiful older ladies ready xxx dating Cambridge Massachusetts be deleted to change their opinion based on your new sources.

Is that better?