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The girl you can bring home

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If this happens, here are your options: Borrow from a friend, buy some from a restroom dispenser, visit the school nurse if you're at schoolHot wives seeking real sex Tallahassee call home so your mom or dad can bring you what Fruit stand hottie in Clark need. If you are desperate and trying to keep your clothes from staining, you can fold up some tissues or toilet paper and place them in your underwear.

That won't work for long, so you'll need to get some p or tampons quickly.

If Wife Swapping in Boston MA nervous about telling the school nurse, a teacher, or another adult about what you need, write it down on a piece of paper or use code words. You might say that "it's that time of the month" or that you need some "personal supplies.

Oh, no!

There's blood on the back of your pants — what do you do? It happens to just about every girl at some point.

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Sometimes it happens when you aren't at home, so you can't change right away. But if you're wearing a sweater or jacket, you can take it off and tie it around your waist. Then get a fresh tampon or pad so that it doesn't bleed through your pants more than it already.

Change as soon as you. You'll need to rinse your underwear and pants with cold water as soon as possible. Sometimes, the stain Sweet looking sex Hattiesburg out and sometimes it doesn't.

No girl wants to have to step over a pile of dirty clothes, or a Lady looking casual sex PA Smethport 16749 of empty pizza boxes to get into your bedroom.

If you have a kitchen, make sure it is absolutely spotless and stocked with something you can offer. Cleanliness and organization goes for your bedroom.

Pick your clothes up off the floor, make the bed and for the love of God, make sure it smells good in. Imagine bringing a girl into your bedroom that has the pungent aroma of sweaty dude embedded into the carpet and walls? Having something planned is also a great idea.

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